Breck Shampoo

The reintroduction of a classic American brand known best for its unique scent and 'Breck Girl' heritage.

Breck was introduced in 1929. It was the first shampoo in America. Even as other brands emerged, Breck remained the number one selling shampoo for many years. Every woman wanted to be a 'Breck Girl!' However, as the decades passed and ownership changed, the product had on multiple occasions, been reformulated, repositioned, re-priced, repackaged, and even re-named. The brand identity became weaker and weaker. Eventually, by the mid-1990ís, Breck lost its support in the market place until it was finally discontinued.

The license for Breck was acquired by Himmel HairCare from The Dial Corporation in 2001. Himmel brought back the original bottle, the original scent and the original formula (or as close to the original formula as chemically possible). With the message 'Breck is Back,' every woman again had the chance to become a 'Breck Girl'!