Gold Bond

Established the medicated powder category and built Gold Bond Medicated Powder from a small regional brand to the market leader nationally.

Gold Bond Medicated Powder, developed by The Rhode Island Medical Association in 1882 was introduced to consumers in the New England region in 1908. It stayed a small, regional brand and was purchased by Martin Himmel Inc. from Block Drug Company in March 1990 for $1 million. National introduction and network advertising began within 30 days.

Gold Bond sales grew over 70% annually to become the #1 Medicated Powder in the US with a 69% category share.

Line extensions (Baby Gold Bond Medicated Powder, Extra Strength Gold Bond Medicated Powder and Gold Bond Medicated Anti-Itch Cream) were successfully introduced in the United States. Himmel also introduced the brand into Canada.

Himmel's investment in Gold Bond advertising was successful in developing consumer awareness, generating consumer trial, and creating an extremely loyal consumer.

Advertising primarily focused on the 'triple action' formula and featured real people describing the fast, effective relief provided by Gold Bond products. The Gold Bond franchise was sold to Chattem Inc. in April 1996 for $40 million.