Resuscitated dying brand through heavy investment in advertising promoting product’s unique selling proposition - 'tastes great and great for you.'

Ovaltine’s incredible heritage and brand equity as an All-American, nutritious beverage has lasted for over 100 years. But by 1990, the brand had been so under-marketed, most people assumed it was no longer produced.

In August 1992, Himmel Nutrition licensed the rights to Ovaltine in the U.S. and Puerto Rico from Sandoz Nutrition Corporation.

Creative advertising strategy for the first three years drew former users into the Ovaltine franchise. "When was the last time you tried Ovaltine?" The campaign then evolved over time to include multiple targets and usage occasions, as well as competitive claims against the market leader, in order to drive continuous growth. For the twelve years Himmel Nutrition has been marketing Ovaltine, it has been the largest advertiser in the category. From 1992 through 2006, Ovaltine’s market share grew from 12% to 31% +/-. Consumer sales have grown from $15 million to $46 million. And once again, the Ovaltine name has returned to the family shelf as America’s most nutritional milk powder flavoring.

On May 15, 2007, Himmel Nutrition sold its Ovaltine license to Novartis.

Joe Jimenez, the Chief Executive Officer of the Novartis Consumer Health Division, said,

    "Himmel Nutrition Inc. has been our partner for almost 15 years and has demonstrated its skill in building small brands. They have taken Ovaltine from the inception of the license from a small, struggling brand into an important brand in its category."

Ovaltine in the USA is currently owned by Nestle.