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Himmel Media LLC
In-House Creative and
Media Buying Agency

Never in sixty years have we ever delegated the development of brand strategy to an outside advertising or media buying agency, as sourcing the most strategically important part of the business, marketing, to outside third parties can only create distance between management and their key asset, the brand.  


Moreover, the use of outside agencies drives up the cost of television commercial production, agency creative talent, and does not necessarily align with a media plan that promotes frequency of advertising messages to build sustainable, long term top of mind awareness.


And so, Himmel Media LLC always handled on its own the:​​​​​

  • Creative advertising development  

  • Copywriting and television and radio commercial  production  

  • Media planning and buying  

By owning our own media-buying company, we were able to:

  • Keep commercial production costs low


  • Retained direct control of the creative advertising development and all media buying activities


  • Develop direct long-term relationships with all media suppliers, so that we could seize opportunistic, media buying opportunities


  • Buy media time cost-effectively and efficiently

The net outcome

Himmel Media marketing and media know-how can deliver:

Top of mind awareness, 52 weeks a year, cost-effectively, and stay close to its consumer. 

And only in the last several years, the largest advertisers in the world are now stepping up to take control of their media spending, transitioning away from outside media buying firms to more of an in-house structure like the one Himmel has employed for over 40 years.

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