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Other Success Factors

Given our focus on marketing, and in order to keep fixed costs low, we ALWAYS contract out manufacturing. Why invest in “bricks and mortar” and fixed cost infrastructure when there is so much excess manufacturing capacity? And this way, with blinders on, we stay focused on marketing!

We never

We think long-term!

As a private company, we never manage our business “quarter-to-quarter.” Plus we have been blessed with long-term continuity of executive management

Our brands get TLC

Our brands are our children. They are never neglected, denied adequate marketing support, “milked” for their cash flow, or flawlessly line extended out of desperation rather than innovation.

We’re paranoid

With every brand, we were victimized by our own success, so we never, ever got comfortable with our gains in market share. We were always looking over our shoulders, to see when and how the competition would hammer us in our weak spot. And that’s how we were able to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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