For the 15 years we owned Ovaltine, our messaging was heard 365 days a year, and we had a dominant share of advertising voice, outspending Nestle Nesquik 2:1, and outspending the entire category of Nestle, Hershey’s Syrup, Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa and Nestle Hot Cocoa combined!


Frequency of advertising messages is what builds top-of-mind awareness. Our goal is to reach the target audience with messages 10-15x/month.  For repetition is the key to every learning experience in life.

Repetition of messages create top-of-mind awareness, awareness, creates sales, loyalty and market share.


It is a belief in continuous, non-stop advertising, 52 weeks/year, because that is the way to stay top of mind with those you are trying to sell.  


With every brand we have ever owned, there was never a day we were not on air telling our story.

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