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Lavoris Mouthwash



Creative Advertising Hook: “Simple Chronic Halitosis”

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Lavoris had an 85-year rich heritage as the cinnamon mouthwash used by dentists. It had strong brand equity; however, sales over the decades began to slide with the decline in advertising and marketing support and the advent of brands like Scope and Listerine. However, its brand equity was certainly as strong as the two market leaders. In just one year, sales grew from $3.5 million to over $8 million, when the brand was sold, by aggressively re-establishing Lavoris, leveraging its existing distribution at retail, its strong heritage and brand equity, and most importantly, by heavily investing in advertising. creating a brand positioning and unique selling proposition –the cure for 'simple chronic halitosis,' our name for serious recurring bad breath. That was our hook so we could differentiate ourselves from the other brands. And we had a story to tell: “Lavoris fights bad breath 3 ways: it freshens breath instantly, contains zinc chloride to neutralize bad breath vapors and protect breath for hours.”

woman using Lavoris mouthwash
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