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Topol smoker's toothpolish


Smokers’ Tooth polish

Creative Advertising Hook: “Yellow, ugly tobacco-stained teeth”

Share of Voice: 100%

Topol Smokers’ Tooth Polish We created the category of Smokers’ Tooth Polish in the United States. My father recalled a print ad from 30 years earlier (before the advent of television) in which a smoker blew smoke into a handkerchief, which turned grayish black. Topol was one of the first success entries into the adult toothpaste category. And a new disease, our creative hook was born, “yellow, ugly tobacco-stained teeth.” We grew Topol from nothing to $34 million and sold the brand for $30 million.

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Subsequent to our ownership, the brand has since gone virtually out of existence. Why? No marketing support.

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