Medicated Powder

Creative Advertising Hook: “Triple Action Gold Bond”

Share of Voice: 100%

Established the medicated powder category and built Gold Bond Medicated Powder from a small regional brand in the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island, with sales under $700,000, every Gold Bond product with its unique “Triple action formula,” clinical superiority over the leading brands, with advertising featuring real people attesting to the products’ “fast, effective relief,” became the gold standard in medicated skin care, growing over 70% annually to become the number one brand in each skin care category, outspending all competitors with a leading share of voice. Gold Bond which had been acquired for under $ 1 million had been sold for $40 million. Today Gold Bond has sales in excess of $250 million and is owned by Sanofi, a French multinational healthcare company.

YOUTUBE: Creation of “disease” advertising hook, “Everyday foot itch”


YOUTUBE: Extra Strength Gold Bond Powder

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